Commercial & Janitorial Services

Customizing daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning lists can prioritize cleaning tasks by office location. No two offices are identical. Larger office populations may demand an increased frequency in some cleaning tasks versus offices with fewer personnel. At ACS we are professionals who understand the importance of a clean environment. That’s why we do all the scrubbing, dusting, and polishing so you and your employees can focus on the tasks at hand. Whether you need us on site during office hours or when everyone has left for the day, you can rest assured your workplace is receiving the utmost attention to detail.

ACS was founded on the principle of warm, friendly, and efficient service. Our staff knows how to get the job done, and we often exceed the expectations of our clients. We offer a range of services that we believe will fully meet your needs, and no office is too big or small for our skilled and experienced staff.

We look forward to a partnership with your company and keeping your office beautiful and spotless everyday.


Vacuuming daily debris from all floor areas (including tile)
Disinfectant mopping of all hard floor and tiled areas
Empty waste bins, wash as needed and add new liners
Standard glass cleaner to wipe down all glass areas
Damp-wipe hard surfaces with mild disinfectant
Polish brass and bright work
Clean walls and painted surfaces as needed
Wipe down door handles, light switches and baseboards

Empty waste bins, wash as needed and add new liners
Disinfectant mopping and wipe down of all hard surfaces
Sanitize and clean all basins, toilets, doors and fixtures in washroom
Refill soap dispensers
In the event of dishwasher, load all dishes present in dishwasher and run
Wipe down all reflective surfaces including mirrors, brass and glass
Use spray disinfectant on the sides of all surfaces including toilets, doors, sinks and appliances

2元起的加拿大28qq群Weekly cleaning lists include bigger ticket and deep cleaning items that create a healthier work environment for employees and guests of the office.

Polish and buff all hardwood surfaces including floors and conference tables
Squeegee glass windows inside and out (as practical)
Empty refrigerator of all employee brought food, clean and disinfect
Empty and disinfect all trash receptacles, add new liners.


Maintaining a Healthy Workplace

Using daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning task can help you maintain a happier and healthier workplace. Clients and employees benefit from a clean environment. Disinfecting surfaces reduces the spread of cold and flu viruses, helping to reduce downtime for company employees. Different types of office spaces will require subtle changes to priorities in order to create and maintain a professional and healthy environment. Alert Cleaning Services can customize the cleaning according to your needs. 

Once cleaning is completed, your premises will be secured with all lights turned off, doors locked and the alarms will be set.

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